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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the world's most popular language like other languages c,c++.

What is programming language?

  • Before going to programming language you should aware about program, program can be many things. It can be a text written by programmer, it can be a direct instruction to the computer about what to do or it can be a data present in memory.

  • A programming language is a formal language contain with a set of instructions in a language the computer understands. It is the way of communication with the computer.

JavaScript Story

Js(JavaScript) was introduced in 1995 by the Netscape Navigator browser. After that other graphical browsers are also start adopting Js. It had open the door for making the application directly interactive without even reload the page.

NOTE:- JavaScript has no relation with the Java programming language.

Then why it is called JavaScript?

Its just because of marketing consideration. When JavaScript came that time the Java language was popular so they thought to named it as JavaScript.

What about JavaScript standardization?

After JavaScript adopted by the other browsers outside the Netscape there was a need of standard documentation that describe how JavaScript language should work. The Ecma International organization released ECMAScript standard for JavaScript.

Supporting Platforms

Now web browsers are not the only platform on which JavaScript is used. It can be used in database like MongoDB and CouchDB use it for their scripting and query language. It also used in different platforms and server programming, NodeJs provided the environment to run JavaScript outside of the browser.

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